Brock by Brock

Associated Products

  • Guernsey Mint Bullion Company

    The Guernsey Mint is a 4th generation family business based on the island of Guernsey. Bruce Russell and his son Simon now run the business and have an impressive line of Bullion products, alongside their sister company Bruce Russell Gold & Silversmiths.
  • Guernsey Philatelic Bureau

    The Philatelic Bureau at Guernsey Post produces a wide range of Guernsey commemorative and decorative stamps, including their latest issue, a joint issue with Canada Post of Brock & Tecumseh, commemorating the War of 1812.
  • The Friends of Fort George

    Fort George was where Brock was stationed for much of his later time in Canada. He rode from Fort George to Queenston Heights on the morning of the Battle and was buried there with John Macdonnell until they were reinterred in the base of the Queenston Heights monument. The Friends of Fort George help to run the attraction and do a superb job of keeping the memory of the War of 1812 alive.
  • The Red Wing Sings

    This book was written by Canadian author Tom Omstead who's a direct descendant of a United Empire Loyalist who left the US to resettle in British North America (Canada) in Brock's day. It is a great story based in contemporary Canada, rekindling the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock for a new generation...