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Produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Major General Sir Isaac Brock these stunning medallions, available in both silver and gold, have been designed by General Brock’s relative Oliver C.E. Brock and minted by the Guernsey Mint Bullion Company in Guernsey, the island of Sir Isaac Brock’s birth.

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About The Brock Foundation

The Brock Memorial Foundation is a Guernsey Registered Charity (no. CH414). It has been established to support projects that commemorate the life and legacy of Major General Sir Isaac Brock.

The Foundation will receive funding applications from any organisation planning to carry out activities that might fall within the Foundation’s remit as noted above. These might range from school projects needing teaching resources right through to the commissioning of major public works of art.

If you wish to support the Brock Memorial Foundation you can donate immediately through our online partners, or contact the Foundation for more information.

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A New Brock Statue
Acclaimed Toronto based sculptor Adrienne Alison is producing a new statue of Brock to be located atop a granite plinth overlooking the Town Church square in St Peter Port, Guernsey.

Guernsey’s ‘Brock Day’ – October 13th 2012
The people of Guernsey celebrated their link with Brock with a parade, a service of commemoration, a mini-festival of events at Castle Cornet and a Regimental ‘Queenston Dinner’.  The Brock Memorial Foundation supported the day’s events both in kind and financially, along with the Royal Bank of Canada, the St Peter Port Constables, Guernsey Museums and the Royal Commonwealth Society. 

The Brock Standard
Commissioned for the Guernsey ‘Brock Day’ celebrations, Newton Newton Flags produced a standard bearing the Coat of Arms awarded to the descendants of John Brock and for use on any Memorial erected in honour of Sir Isaac Brock.

Mohawk Grave Restoration
The cemetery of Christ Church Royal Chapel in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory contains a number of shattered gravestones that marked the graves of Mohawk warriors that fought in the War of 1812.  The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte are seeking to piece together and restore the stones and rededicate them in honour of their brave ancestors.

Army Cadet Exchange
The Foundation is in discussions with the Guernsey Army Cadet Force, the Elizabeth College Combined Cadet Force and the Lincoln and Welland Regiment Army Cadets to help set up an annual exchange programme between Canadian and Guernsey Army Cadets.  It is hoped that the first exchange may take place in Summer 2013


If you would like to donate to the Brock Memorial Foundation please see the details below:


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By post:  Send personal cheques or postal orders to the following address - 

The Brock Memorial Foundation, 
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Avenue Vivier, 
Ville Au Roi, 
St Peter Port, 
GY1 1PG 
Channel Islands, 
United Kingdom.


By Bank Transfer: Provide these details to your bank -

The Brock Memorial Foundation, 
Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, 
Smith Street, 
St Peter Port, 
Sort Code: 30-93-73
Acc. No: 24048668
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Please also send a letter or e-mail if you wish to be kept up to date with the charities activities.


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About Sir Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands on October 6th 1769, the same year that saw the birth of both the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte.  The son of a rich merchant, John Brock, who owned privateering vessels that roamed the North Atlantic during the American War of Independence, Isaac was well schooled both in Guernsey and Southampton, England.

Early Career
His family bought Isaac his first commission aged just 15, and shortly after purchased his first promotion.  His first overseas posting was to the West Indies, where he fell ill and had to return to Britain.  Later he saw action in the Netherlands at Egmont-Op-Zee and subsequently at the Battle of Copenhagen with Admiral Nelson.

Isaac was posted with the 49th Regiment of Foot to the North American dominion of the Canadas in 1802, then split into two provinces, Upper and Lower Canada.  While in Lower Canada he busied himself with enforcing discipline and improving defences, and by the time he was posted permanently in Upper Canada in 1811 he had spent time in overall command of the British forces in the country.  His time in Canada is too well documented elsewhere to summarise here, but please follow the links (right) for more information.

The War of 1812
Brock is principally remembered as ‘the Saviour of Upper Canada’ for his heroic defence of the province with only a small force of British Regulars, in alliance with the Canadian Militias and bands of First Nations warriors.  He humiliated the US Army of the Northwest under General Hull at Detroit, and was killed at Queenston Heights repelling an attack by the Army of the Center under General Stephen Van Rensselaer.


We are just putting this page together, please check back soon. 

Please feel free to browse some images from our collection.
Some useful links for those wishing to find out more: - a great resource for information about events, projects and news relating to General Brock and the War of 1812 - an information based web-site with plenty of articles about the War of 1812

Latest News

Statue Project Update

Following a review of our overall strategy following the end of the War of 1812 Bicentenary period, the Brock Memorial Foundation is now working towards the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Isaac Brock in 1769.

We will be seeking to unveil the statue on 6th October 2019, marking Brock's 250th birthday!

More details to follow.

Statue Project Update

A planning application is shortly to be submitted to Guernsey's Environment Department for a pair of Statues - that of Major General Sir Isaac Brock and on a separate plinth on Guernsey's Market Terrace a depiction of Admiral Lord James de Saumarez, another famous Guernseyman that had a major impact on world affairs in the 19th Century.

The Brock Memorial Foundation are proud to be working with the Saumarez Family on this project and hope to see the long-awaited Brock Statue project come to fruition for an unveiling in August 2016.


The exceptionally brave Mr Anthony Stagg is going to jump out of a plane over Guernsey and plummet to the island with just an instructor and a parachute strapped to his back!!

He's doing this to challenge himself and to help raise funds for the Brock Memorial Foundation - what a star!


Brock Weekend 2014

The Foundation is currently working with the Soldier's Charity, the ABF, to bring together a weekend of military splendour on the 11th & 12th October 2014.


We'll be welcoming the Band of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment all the way from Ontario, Canada, and are hoping to also be playing host to the Corps of Drums of the Royal Anglian Regiment and the drums and dancers of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation.


The plans for the weekend include a parade through St Peter Port on Saturday morning, including a wreath laying outside Boots in the High Street.  An evening performance by the assembled bands, drums and dancers on Saturday evening will be followed by a church service of remembrance and celebration of our cultural connections with Canada on Sunday morning.  The weekend will be signed off with a Beating of the Retreat on Sunday afternoon.

The Brock Statue - Update

The bronze statue of Major General Sir Isaac Brock will be hitting the headlines again shortly when an application for planning permission will be sought from the Environment Department in Guernsey.


It is intended that Brock will stand alongside his contemporary and fellow local hero Admiral Lord James de Saumarez, and that the pair will flank Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Donations to the Brock Memorial Foundation

The Brock Memorial Foundation has received significant donations from the following:

RBC Wealth Management

Mr & Mrs William Gaiger

Mr & Mrs Geoff Dorey

Mrs Josephine Dumaresque Drake (nee de Lisle)

In addition to others who have given lesser amounts.

Brock Statue plans unveiled

The plans for the Brock Statue in Guernsey were unveiled last night by the Brock Memorial Foundation.

Islanders turned out to review the plans and the presentation was covered extensively by the local media.



Brock Memorial Foundation takes possession of the Bronze Maquette

The Brock Memorial Foundation, a Guernsey Registered Charity, took possession today of the cast Bronze Maquette of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, beautifully sculpted by Toronto based sculptor Adrienne Alison.  The maquette will support the pending planning application for the Brock Statue proposed for St Peter Port, Guernsey, and will help the Foundation to raise funds to assist them maintain and enhance the legacy of Sir Isaac Brock in Guernsey.

UPDATE - Bronze maquette arrives on Guernsey

The bronze maquette arrived in Guernsey this morning, and is due to be delivered to the Brock Memorial Foundation first thing next week.  Sculptor Adrienne Alison has deferred her visit to the island until after the busy summer.  The Foundation will be hoping to be celebrating having planning permission for the Statue early in September and if this is the case will be holding a vin d'honneur to welcome Adrienne to the island.

Bronze Maquette to arrive in Guernsey next month

Toronto based sculptor Adrienne Alison will be visiting Guernsey in June to deliver the bronze maquette of the Brock Statue.

The maquette, a miniature version of the Statue proposed for one of St Peter Port's Market plinths, will be used to supplement the material submitted to Guernsey's Environment Department for Planning Approval, and to assist with fund-raising.

The Statue of Major General Sir Isaac Brock is intended to be unveiled on 13th October 2014, the 202nd anniversary of his death.


RBC Wealth Management, part of the Royal Bank of Canada, has announced that it is to be the sole corporate sponsor of a planned statue in St. Peter Port of Guernsey-born Canadian hero Major General Sir Isaac Brock.  The bronze statuewhich is subject to a forthcoming planning application, has been commissioned by the Brock Memorial Foundation and is proposed to be erected on the north-western plinth outside the Market building, overlooking Town Church Square.   Toronto-based Canadian sculptor Adrienne Alison, who has been commissioned to produce the 7ft 6in tall figure of General Brock in 19th-century military uniform, will be presenting maquette of the statue later this month as part of the planning process. 

Alan Pearce from the Guernsey Leadership Team at RBC Wealth Management said, 'RBC Wealth Management was honoured to be part of the Brock Day commemorations in October 2012, and we are very pleased to be able to sponsor this proposed statue of General Brock.  General Brock is celebrated as a national hero in Canada, and it is fitting that RBC Wealth Management can help mark its 40th anniversary on the island by supporting this proposal to erect a lasting monument of him here in Guernsey.' 

Oliver Brock a distant relation of General Brock’s and a founder of the Brock Memorial Foundation, the charity set up in 2012 support and develop projects that celebrate his legacy, said: 'Following the announcement of the statue project at last October's commemorations, the Foundation has been working hard with the artist and RBC Wealth Management to bring the project to fruition. We are pleased to welcome RBC Wealth Management to the team as sole corporate sponsor of the project, and are looking forward to pursuing the commissioning and planning process with them on board.' 

The Brock Memorial Foundation is now seeking further public support for the project, and is offering individual supporters an opportunity to have their name, or that of a loved one, incorporated into one of the plaques to be situated at the base of the statue.  Individuals can also donate directly to the Foundation, or make a contribution through the purchase of the commemorative silver medallions minted by the Guernsey Mint Bullion Company.

Brock Statue Project

The Brock Statue for Guernsey moved a step forward recently with a commitment of funds from the Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management team here in the Channel Islands.  The Sculptor, Adrienne Alison, has been appointed and commissioned to produce a maquette of the proposed Statue of Brock by April 2013. 

A submission to the local Planning office is imminent, after which fund-raising will recommence in earnest.

If you wish to support the project you can go to our 'Donation' page, found under 'About the Foundation', or make a contribution through the purchase of our silver medallions. 

The First Batch

The first batch (BATCH 01) of the Brock by Brock commemorative silver coins have been minted and will be dispatched to customers next week.  For those that have ordered, thank you and we hope that you enjoy your new treasure; for those that haven't ordered yet, these first medallions will be highly collectable as each one will be uniquely numbered on the accompanying wallet, so if you would like to be in the very short list of owners of BATCH 01 product you should order now..!

Brock Day events

October 13th 2012 saw the commemoration of the bicentenary of the death of Major General Sir Isaac Brock.  Events were held in Guernsey and across Canada to mark the occasion.  Those in Guernsey included a parade, a church service, the unveiling of memorial plaques and a 15-gun salute from Castle Cornet.  Those in Canada included a re-enactment of the Battle of Queenston Heights involving over 950 re-enactors!

Minting progress

 The first 20 silver medallions were minted on 29th September 2012, but contained a number of imperfections.  We've been adjusting the dies and are currently minting the first batch of 50 for release.  As orders come in we will be producing further batches.  Each medallion will be supplied with a Batch and Unit number uniquely identifying it.  This will be important to protect if purchasers wish to retain and enhance the value of their purchase over time.

Website launch

September 26th 2012

Welcome to the launch of our website –

Brock by Brock Minting

September 24th 2012

We were saddened to hear that the operator of the die press caught his hand in the machine today, just as he was loading the first silver rounds in to be minted.  Our thoughts are with him as we await news of the extent of damage to his hand.

Detroit Day

August 16th 2012

200 years ago today Major General Isaac Brock forced the capitulation of General William Hull and the entire US Army of the Northwest at Detroit.  Brock had used a combination of intelligence and cunning to convince the US General that his force of fewer that 600 British Regulars was over twice that size, and that the great Shawnee Warrior Tecumseh would bear down on the fort with over 1,000 savage warriors the moment battle commenced.

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    Fort George was where Brock was stationed for much of his later time in Canada. He rode from Fort George to Queenston Heights on the morning of the Battle and was buried there with John Macdonnell until they were reinterred in the base of the Queenston Heights monument. The Friends of Fort George help to run the attraction and do a superb job of keeping the memory of the War of 1812 alive.
  • The Red Wing Sings

    This book was written by Canadian author Tom Omstead who's a direct descendant of a United Empire Loyalist who left the US to resettle in British North America (Canada) in Brock's day. It is a great story based in contemporary Canada, rekindling the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock for a new generation...